Deddy Corbuzier is


A World Winning Mentalist

Twice Merlin Award as World Best Mentalist.

For more than 20 years, Deddy Corbuzier has made a big differences in entertainment and magic Industry in Indonesia.

Deddy Corbuzier has received many awards over the few years, including The prestigious Merlin Award as World Best Mentalist twice in a row. (2010-2011-2012)

Many international records has been received, such as the longest driving a car blindfolded, the longest mentalism magic show, knife throwing act as world fastest knife thrower, etc.

pers community in Indonesia awarded him as the most inspiring artis of the year almost every years.

He has changed the look of magic as an entertainment in Indonesia. His unique style and his way of life has made him as a public figure.

His creations has been in the spot of media and in magic community. Base on his education on psychology, he published 2 books for public which are “DIVKA” and “MANTRA”. Both has been a best seller’s book over several years in most bookstore in Indonesia.

Received a medal for non fiction best seller writer from Gramedia publishing in Indonesia for his break through innovation of Diet. OCD (obsessive corbuzier diet)

A mental tricks called “Free Will” and “Nocturnal Book Test” are the result of his knowledge and deducation in magic world. Used by many professionals magician’s around the world.

In his professional career, He has made some of the top rating’s TV Shows such as “Deddy Corbuzier Mind Games”, “1604”, “Mentalist in Action”, “Mind & Magic with Todd Diamond”, “Magic with Jeff McBride”, “Deddy Corbuzier and Pierre Ginnet (Master of Pickpocket)”, “Deddy Corbuzier and Jay Scott Barry”. The Latest are “Master Mentalist (RCTI)”, “The Master (RCTI), and “The Master Junior (RCTI), “Raja Sulap (Indosiar)”. He also consulted some TV Shows such as”Hipnotist (Romy Rafael)” and “Memang Sulap Memang Sihir (Indonesian’s Monkey Magic)”, a quiz master for Indonesian Deal or No Deal and now busy hosting a very high rating Talk show which on air everyday at Trans7 at 6 pm, a Judge for Indonesian got Talent, also a host for World Record TV Show and many more.

all of these broadcasted all over Indonesia, reaching an estimated audience of over 100 million people.





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